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Upside Down Eatery

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Eggs Benedict 21

gratin potato with your choice of grilled bacon or smoked salmon or sauteed mushrooms, Hollandaise sauce, raspberry - balsamic reduction, herb oil, fresh greens

Paleo/Keto breakfast 25 (P, K)

NZ beef sirloin steak, grilled bacon, tomato, cauliflower couscous, avocado, 2 eggs cooked to your liking, paleo toast

Light Breakfast 12

2 eggs cooked to your liking, soy and Linseed toast, homemade chutney, herb oil, ad bacon $5

Farmers Breakfast 23

2 eggs cooked to your liking, grilled bacon, artisan sausages, blue cheese mushrooms, grilled tomato, soy and linseed toast or grain free Paleo toast, homemade chutney

Dairy country pancakes 18

Buttermilk pancakes, mixed berries, coconut yogurt or Greek yogurt, Maple syrup, ad bacon $5

Homemade Corn fritter $15

sour cream, sweet chili sauce, ad bacon $5

Kid’s pancake $5

1 pancake with mixed berries, maple syrup, whipped cream

Ad bacon $5

Breakfast & Lunch  9am - 5pm

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Soup of the day $12

With toasted sourdough bread

Caesar salad $18 (B)

Crisp cos lettuce, poached egg, bacon, sourdough croutons, parmesan

Ad grilled chicken breast $7

Ad smoked salmon $7


Ostrich burger 21 (K, P)

Homemade Ostrich patty, cheese, cole slaw, spicy pumpkin chutney, cranberry sauce, chips

Bun free option available


Tiger Prawn Sosaties 23 (K, P)

Grilled on cauliflower couscous, pickled turmeric cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, coriander – ginger - lime dressing

Grilled Chicken Poke bowl 21 (K, P)

Grilled free-range chicken breast pickled cherry tomatoes, baby cos lettuce, cauliflower rice, corn, pickled turmeric cucumbers, pumpkin chutney

Fantham burger 21

180gr beef patty in Ciabatta bun with bacon, egg and cheese, BBQ sauce, aioli, cole slaw, beetroot, chips, tomato sauce, bun free option available

Small fries $4,          Large Fries $7

Small curly fries 7,     Large Curly fries $12


Pork belly burger 21

Grilled pork belly, in Ciabatta bun with apple slaw, onion relish, aioli, chips, bun free option available

Traditional “Fish and chips” 25

Fish of the day, your choice of battered or grilled or golden crumbed, chips, tartar sauce, tomato sauce, salad garnish“

Austrian” Schnitzel 28

Golden crumbed chicken schnitzel, comes with your choice of jus or hunter sauce, chips or spaetzle- (Austrian pasta), salad garnish

Dairy free, gluten free  AVAILABLE

 Milk shakes $7.50

Banana - Berry – Chocolate

Smoothies $12

Real fruit!

choose almond or soy or coconut milk


(blueberry, banana, dates, and boysenberry)


(mango, banana, pineapple, passionfruit)


(strawberry, apple, pear, pineapple, dates)

Plant based and gluten free

Homemade “Saffron” Arancini $23

Stuffed with dairy free cheese, cauliflower rice, pickled turmeric cucumbers, wasabi peas

“Beyond meat” vegetarian burger $29

100% plant-based patty, gluten free bun, dairy free cheese, pumpkin chutney, apple slaw, vegan mayo, chips            

Tastes like meat, but it’s not!



3 rashers of Bacon 5

Blue cheese mushrooms 7

Grilled tomato 2

2 Eggs any style 5

1 Sausage 5

Yarrow’s toast 2 slices buttered $5

Keto toast 2 slices $6


V=vegetarian, P=Paleo, K=Keto

B=Baked by Blanche sourdough-h


Avocado toast 20 (V,B)

Smashed avocado, Halloumi, sour dough or paleo toast, beetroot, grilled tomato, wasabi peas, fresh greens

Ad bacon $5

Nutella stuffed French toast 20 (V)

Brioche, maple syrup, mixed berries, Greek yogurt, or coconut yogurt melted banana

ad bacon $5


Little snack’s available

9am – 5pm


Toastie $7                    

Ham – cheese – tomato

BLT $12                    

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, aioli, soy – linseed toast

Chicken “Schnitzel” burger $15

Real chicken breast golden crumbed, cole slaw, cranberry sauce, aioli

Quinoa and feta fritter $15

Poached egg, smoked salmon, blue cheese mushroom, hollandaise

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Sharing platters available

9am – 8.30pm


Mixed Seafood platter: $25

6 tempura fish bites, 10 popcorn shrimp, 6 prawn twisters, 6 crumbed mussels,2 scoop chips, 1 scoop wedges

Mixed meat platter: $25

6 spring rolls, 6 samosas, 6 onion rings, 4 pork dumplings, 4 chicken wedges2 scoop chips, 1 scoop wedges

Culinary platter: $35

4 hoki kirimi bites, 4 wontons, 4 spicy chicken nibbles, 4 jalapeno cheese bites, 4 broccoli cheese, 2 scoop curly fries, 1 scoop wedges

Cheese platter $21

Kikorangi blue, aged cheddar, camembert, cracker,  

Small chips $ 4 Large chips $7

Small curly fries $7   Large Curly fries $12



Home baked Garlic bread 15 (GF available)

To share, our own Rewana bread, homemade dip


Sourdough Bruschetta 15 (plant based, GF available)

Pickled cherry tomatoes, herb dip


Duck liver “Pate” 15 (GF available)

Homemade, port wine jelly, toasted sourdough, pickled vegetables


Camembert melt 15

To share, in crispy filo pastry topped, garlic butter, rosemary, cranberry sauce, flat bread


Beef “Carpaccio” $15

Thin sliced raw beef eye fillet, marinated in balsamic reduction, olive oil, parmesan, fresh sprouts, toasted sourdough


Dinner Menu 5pm - 8:30pm

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Celebrate Heimo and Renate’s heritage


the Austrian national dish




Choose out of Pork or Chicken  


Fries or homemade spaetzle (German pasta)  


The original “Vienna Schnitzel” $29

Golden crumbed, jus on side


“Parmigiana” Schnitzel $32

Golden crumbed topped with marinara sauce and loads of cheese


“Kaiser” (Emperors) schnitzel $29

Golden crumbed with creamy caper - Chardonnay sauce


Hunter schnitzel $29

Golden crumbed with creamy mushroom, - bacon, - onion sauce


Vegetarian "Parmigiana" $29

Golden crumbed eggplant topped with marinara sauce and loads of cheese


"Holsteiner" schnitzel $32

Golden crumbed topped with anchovies and fried 2 Eggs


Schnitzel trio $32

crumbed in almonds, coconut and crumbs


The classic "Cordon Bleu" $32

stuffed with ham and cheese


Tofu schnitzel $29

golden crumbed tofu with teriyaki sauce


“Bergsteiger” Mountaineer Schnitzel $29 (no GF option)

Golden crumbed minced patty with spicy bean - bacon - mushroom - paprika sauce  


Gluten free available add $5

Beef ad $5

NZ Angus sirloin 45 (GF)

300 gr Silver Fern “Reserve” sirloin, cooked

to your liking, gratin potatoes, baby carrots, Ratatouille


Double cooked pork belly 34 (GF)

Home smoked, naturally fermented sauerkraut,

Kawakawa mash, cider jus, pickled fennel, crackling


Fish and chips 28

Your choice of battered – golden crumbed – or grilled,

mashed peas, chips, salad garnish tartar sauce, tomato sauce




Pork belly burger 23 (GF available ad $3)

ciabatta bun, cole slaw, onion relish, aioli, chips,

Gluten free and bun free option available


Fantham burger 23

180gr beef patty in Ciabatta bun, bacon, egg and cheese, BBQ sauce, aioli, cole slaw, beetroot, chips, tomato sauce, bun free option available


Chicken schnitzel burger $23

Golden crumbed chicken schnitzel, ciabatta ban, cole slaw, cranberry sauce, aioli, chips


Triple C burger $19

2 chicken patties, crumbed camembert, aioli, cranberry sauce, chips


Battered fish burger $23

Beer battered fresh fish of the day, cole slaw, tartar sauce, fried egg



“Beyond meat” vegetarian burger $29

100% plant-based patty, gluten free bun, dairy free cheese, pumpkin chutney, cole slaw, chips, bun free available!

Tastes like meat, but it is not!


Dessert - sweet temptation


Cheesecake of the day 15

Chefs daily choice, deconstructed, vanilla ice cream


Traditional “Austrian” apple strudel 15

Baked to order, strawberry compote, Chantilly cream, vanilla ice cream


Plant based chocolate mud cake 12

mixed berries


Ice cream sundae 12

Chefs daily choice, ask our friendly front of house staff


Chocolate brownie 15 (GF)

mixed berries, Chantilly cream